Brand Monitor product allows to track the mentions and citations of your brand all over the Internet including news, social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Thanks to the clever set of data you have an opportunity to track dynamics of citation, achieve new backlinks, react on each mention properly and on time.

Brand Monitor product


Extremely convenient chart makes possible to catch up the basic information at one glance. All types of sources are presented here. You are able to estimate overall number of mentions and the quantity for each type separately. Enable/disable any of sources so you can observe the data you need only. Select the desired period which you want to see the data for. To examine the exact number of mentions for particular day just hover the mouse over appropriate point on a chart.

The data is gathered daily but you can update it anytime you wish by clicking “Update Data” button and get the freshest information in Real Time.

module time period selection


The table columns contain the most essential information you may need:

Domain - the column shows the domain of referencing URL.

URL - an exact address where your brand is mentioned.

Keyword - the particular keyword which is tracked.

Type - the type of source where your brand is mentioned.

Href - shows active/inactive hyperlink for the mention.

First Seen - the date when citation was seen first time.

Last Seen - the date when citation was seen last time.

Authority - shows Authority Rank value of the referencing domain.

Traffic - presents an estimated traffic value of referencing domain. Special icon provides you with information about countries which bring the biggest amount of traffic to domain where your brand is mentioned. 

module table titles


Use loupe and link icons to see the snapshot or go directly to link containing a mention respectively. To add or hide the desired columns use “Column chooser” button (just drag&drop). Use an appropriate button to download the data in Excel format if there is such a need.

To make your work more convenient there is filtration and sorting in each column of the table.

module table options


 Use Brand monitor settings to change keywords that are tracked.

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